Is it possible to get perfect pitch WITHOUT sounding like Auto-Tune or Melodyne? Or even without USING Auto-Tune or Melodyne?

Of course it is! It just takes longer to do it. That’s why studio engineers use the plug-ins to “fix” stuff instead of having to do 45 takes to get enough tracks to pick the “best of” to make a perfect track.

With Melodyne or Auto-Tune you can take an “almost perfect” track and make it perfect within minutes. Ok…yes…so you can also take a “not-even-close-to-perfect” track and make it perfect within minutes, but we’re talking about REAL recording here.

The way you get it “perfect” without the tools is you record multiple tracks/takes and piece the best of the best together to make a perfect track. Then you’ll find that all the takes had something wrong in a certain part, so you’ll have to re-take those parts to get a better one. And that process goes on and on until you’re satisfied.

The great thing about pitch correction is this – so many times you get a take that has the perfect “character” you want, meaning it’s the right phrasing or feel or whatever, but something is just out of pitch. Without the tools you may have to give up the take for a lesser one, but one that has better pitch. WITH tools, you can save your perfect take by correcting the little pitch problems and keep the character you like so much.

Isn’t it Obvious When you Use Pitch Correction?

Many people think when you use a plug-in to correct pitch it will be obvious that you did so because you can hear it. Not so! The reason everyone thinks you can hear it when engineers use pitch correction is that those engineers WANT you to hear it. That’s the effect they’re shooting for. Most engineers can use either plug-in (Melodyne is this engineer’s choice) and make it virtually impossible to tell where correction has happened. I have tested the likes of music professors that boast that they can tell ANY time voice in corrected in ANY way when they listen to it. Not surprising to me, I can give them a test track and they can’t tell me what or where I corrected anything.

For correcting little things in voice, timing or instruments, Melodyne or Auto-Tune can be invaluable as a time saver and a way to keep your favorite takes. Definitely worth the investment.