So you don’t have the dough to spend on a vocal booth or studio foam to treat your room? It will show in your vocals and other tracks where your using a Mic.

Not to worry – you can make it a LOT better without spending money. This little tip is called the “Make a Free Vocal Booth by using Blankets”, and it’s an alternative until you can find a better solution by spending some cash.

Problem: Your room “verb” comes through on your tracks because the room is untreated.

Solution: Dampen the room by building a “room” out of thick comforters or blankets. You can either hang them on the walls somehow, or even better, using a tri-podFree Vocal Booth Home Studio
or other vertical tower type of device, drape the comforters over 4 corners of whatever you have to elevate the blankets. Essentially building a “Vocal Booth” out of blankets.

You will notice a much friendlier environment by doing this and get better control over your room-verb so you can finesse the sound the way you want.

Give it a shot and see what you think. You may modify this by using more or less blankets to get the right mix of room/non-room in your mic.