Want to find the best deals on EBAY for Studio Equipment? EBAY is the place you can find many great deals, if you watch closely.

Here are some tips to find the best ones:

1) See What Price Equipment is Going for – To find out how much you’re going to need to pay for something, do a search on EBAY for that item (tip: you can Home Studio EBAYtype the search name by itself, or you can make it specific to what you’re trying to find by putting any words in “quotes”. I.E. “Condensor” and “Mic” will search for both words whether they appear together or not). Now – once you find the list of stuff you’re interested in, look for the “Sold Listings” (or “Completed Items) link at the top of the list (or in the left panel). By clicking that it will tell you all SOLD (or completed) auctions for that item and what people paid for them (indicated if the dollar amount is green. If red, it did NOT sell for that amount).

This will give you a good sense of what you’re going to need to pay for that item.

2) Setup a “Saved Search” in EBAY – If you’re “watching” for something, setup a saved search and tell EBAY to email you whenever a new one of those items Home Studio EBAYgoes up for auction. When you see it maybe you can grab it before someone else does.

3) Use Auction Sniper  Auction Sniper Bidding (click link to see). Tired of waiting around for an auction to end so you can buy the item? Then pushing the limit of the bids against someone else trying to win it? Well those days are no longer. Auction Sniper allows you to put in the maximum you are willing to pay, and it bids for you at the last split-second so your bid wins it if you are the highest bid. The reason this is key is that if you bid early (your highest bid), it encourages other bidders to keep pushing up the bid to see how high you have taken it. You’re much better off hiding your bid until the last second. That way less bids happen and you get the item for less money.

 4) Sell Your Stuff to Get NEW Stuff – Ready to upgrade some of your equipment? Well, sell your stuff and get the better version of what you want. It’s all about the auction. Make it look good. Give all relevant details about the item. Take good pictures, and get a lot of good feedback.

Over time you will save hundreds or thousands by purchasing what you need on EBAY instead of buying from the music stores, although sometimes the music stores offer deals that rival even the used prices on EBAY. Watch both to ensure you get the best deal possible.