So here it is…anyone wanting to create your own Home Studio for cheap, but thinking they can’t afford to do it…this is your answer. This is the bare-bones Home Studio that anyone can put together and start recording like the Pro’s.

This list will get you started for UNDER $500 TOTAL. To save some money we’re buying used gear from EBAY, but no worries. You can get great stuff that works perfectly there. Nothing ever has to be brand new. And here’s a VERY helpful trick. Use Auction Sniper. It will win you auctions you would NEVER win otherwise. I use it all the time. Here’s the link: Auction Sniper Bidding

One assumption for this deal – that is that you have a computer that’s “new enough” to run recording software. A PC or Mac purchased within the last 4 years or so will typically be fine.

Home Studio Gear #1 – The Interface and Software ==> $65  Home Studio Interface

You can get a Digidesign MBox 1 on EBAY for around $50 plus shipping (est. $15). Not the best interface on the market today, but it gets you into Pro Tools and using the best software out there to start recording with!

OH – and did I mention – that you can get the MBox that INCLUDES Pro Tools for that same $50? Yes, you can! Likely Pro Tools LE version 6 or 7. Possibly 8 if you watch closely. This purchase will be the foundation of your studio. This step alone gets you in the realm of recording like the Pro’s. Using the same software THEY use. You’re on your way!


Home Studio Gear #2 – Condensor Microphone ==> $100 Home Studio AT4033

So with the ability to record on your computer, now you need a good Mic to capture the instruments or voices that you will record. Whether you’re recording a guitar, doing vocals or whatever, the Condensor Mic is your Studio Workhorse that does a TON, and sounds amazing. I recommend  a large diaphragm Condensor Mic from Audio Technica, AKG, Behringer, Neumann (expensive), MXL, Shure or Blue to name a few. Some of these have an entry level Condensor Mic for around $100 that will do the trick.


Home Studio Gear #3 – Studio Headphones ==> $99 Home Studio Headphones

Once you record some tracks, you’ll need a good pair of headphones (cans) to mix with (at a minimum), and preferably a good set of near-field monitors to mix with. For our basic studio we’ll assume you’re just going with headphones for now. You’re NOT going to want the cheap-o cans for studio mixing. You absolutely need a good set of quality headphones so you get a realistic representation of what you’re recording.

I recommend the best you can get from makers like Shure, KRK, Sennheiser, Audio Technica or Sony (not the cheap ones!).

Home Studio Gear #4 – Learn to Use Your Gear ==> FREE


YouTube Subscribe

In the old days, you would have to spend thousands to really learn how to use recording software and equipment. Fortunately, today, you have thousands of free options. Sites like this one will teach you invaluable tools that only years and experience can normally teach. After that, YouTube is your best recording friend. That’s because almost anything you’re trying to learn is out there, for free. It’s GREAT to be a recording engineer at this time in history!!!

Free Pro Tools Training Videos Here.

And Voila! You now have a basic Home Studio to record projects in! Get your friends to come over with their instruments and start laying tracks down so you can mess around with some music and learn all the tricks of the trade. The MORE you do, the FASTER you learn.

Good luck and happy recording!!! 🙂

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