Home Studio Dawg

By request I’ve put together a quick tour of my home studio. The first video you can see how it’s laid out and what I use.

The second video I share some ideas around how I came up with the wall decor and share some ideas on how you can make your studio look cool without a lot of money.

Home Studio Tour

Wall Decor Ideas

In the video I mentioned “Channels” and “Sounds Isolation Clips” when we finished the studio in the basement. Here’s what they look like. The concept is that the Sound Isolation Clips are the things that are screwed to the beams and walls. These clips are made of rubber surrounded by metal. Then the “Channels” (metal beams basically) clip into the rubber part of the Sound Isolation Clips. Then the sheetrock gets attached to the Channels, essentially creating a “floating” ceiling and walls meaning that they don’t actually physically touch the walls and beams where sound would easily travel from other parts of the house.

Also mentioned in the video is the home made studio desk. Here’s a different picture of it, as well as a picture of the commercial ones they sell for a lot of money. Much cheaper to do you own.