Within Pro Tools (or any other DAW) you can have many different plug-ins that accomplish many different things. Drum plugins are one area that can provide you with drums and drummers internally that would cost you plenty to do on your own with the real thing.

The latest drum libraries have been sampled and recorded in the best studios in the country, with the best drums and drummers as well. So it can be like you hired the best of the best to do your drums for you if you do it right.

If you can find the patterns, fills and rhythms that meet the needs of your song, you will save many hours and many $dollars by using plug-ins instead of taking the time, effort and expense to setup and mic your drums and pay a professional drummer.

You will miss out on a little finesse that you would have by a live drummer potentially, but for the most part you can use these plug-ins in a way that 95% of the public could never tell it wasn’t a live drummer in the studio. And the only ones that would be able to tell are the studio guys themselves.

Most drum plug-ins or libraries now come with the following:

1) Pre-recorded MIDI patterns and fills that you copy/paste or drag into your song. Then pick the drums sounds you want to match your song.

2) Sampled sounds you can trigger from any MIDI triggering device (drum pad, electronic drum kit, etc.).

With these 2 options your drumming word has changed drastically from the days of setting up and recording live drum kits for every song you do in the studio.

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