I wonder if you’ve noticed something. It’s the idea that we are becoming less tolerant of “imperfect” pitch. Remember when we listend to the likes of Styx, Led Zepplin, The Beatles, etc. and they sounded perfect to us? But NOW, have you noticed that when you listen to those songs now, you notice the imperfections in them more?

Well, I believe that’s a phenomenon we’re causing. With technology in recording, and the likes of Auto-Tune and Melodyne, today we are creating the majority of songs with near perfect, or even perfect pitch. In the old days you had to do a bunch of takes and pull the best of them to make the best master. Today you can do few (or even one) takes, then correct them with software.

The result? Our ears are being trained to always hear perfect notes, so we are becoming less tolerant of anything but perfection. Even recently on ¬†Good Morning America, where they were interviewing a YouTube celebrity who had millions of views of her YouTube video, they made the girl sing “live” to see what she REALLY sounded like, since they didn’t believe she could sound as good as she did on YouTube.

It’s almost globally understood that we’re being trained to accept unrealistic musical quality on everything but “live” performances. But notice what happens even in live performances. You hear people say “ooh, that was a little ‘pitchy’ (meaning a note was off key)”. But who can blame us? It’s hard to resist “perfection” when you can attain it.