A commonly asked question or misunderstood subject is how to record “cover” songs (someone else’s song) in your home music studio and sell them, or give them away (via CD, download or by other means). The reason this is such a popular question is apparent by looking at the exposure so many new artists are getting. Many times they are getting popular by doing a cover instead of their own song. Then when they gain enough popularity, they do more originals. It makes sense, since people are more inclined to buy a new version of a song they already like. And the probability is MUCH greater of them finding the song in the first place (since it’s known).

In order to do this, you must obtain a license to distribute the song and pay the original artist a royalty.

It’s not as complicated as you would think, and, just as other things are made easier by the Internet, you don’t have to have a team of lawyers or agents to do it.

Here are the main ingredients:

  1. Record your cover song
  2. Determine what distribution medium you will use (iTunes,Download, CD, etc.)
  3. Get setup (online) with a licensing and royalty service provider like RightsFlow’s Limelight service
  4. Pay your fee and pre-paid (some level) of licenses
  5. Sell the song!

It’s that easy. Many musicians are doing this to try to make money to support their occupation.

Next time you’re listening to the radio or iPod, think about what kind of “cool” version you could make of the song. You might just find that one that goes viral!

For more detailed information see this article on www.musicianwages.com