How to do a Skype Podcast Recording

For you podcasters out there who want to find the best way to do a remote interview doing a Skype Podcast recording and include the conversation in your podcast, this is for you.

Rather than having them come to your place, this post will give you some tips on how to interview them over the phone and get the best results possible.

It can be very simple to do a quality interview by using Skype to talk with your guests, assuming they have Skype and a USB headset. Unfortunately, many times this is not the case and all they have is their phone.

You COULD do as some podcasters do and mail them a USB headset so they can Skype into the podcast, but that may not be realistic with your podcast. This post addresses this scenario where the best they have is a phone line and you’re not going to try to get them a USB headset and get setup on Skype.

The reason I’m sharing this is because Skype is much better quality conversation to have on a podcast than a 2-way telephone recording. You’ll want the person on the other end to sound as good as you can get so it doesn’t detract from the podcast. So this post helps you get the guest into a Skype call, then route that Skype conversation into your podcast recording software. This way you get a good quality sounding guest right in your podcast while you record it.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. A Skype Account with Minutes for the call
  2. A way to conference the person in from their phone (this could be a conference line, or even a GoToMeeting account or other online conference calling service that they can dial into)
  3. Soundflowebed Software (used to route the Skype phone conference into your podcast)

And here are the steps to make it happen:

  1. Setup your conference call and send the guest the info to dial in (unless you’re just going to conference them in)
  2. Dial Skype into the conference call from your computer
  3. Run Soundflower software so you can route the call into your software
  4. In your podcast software (Garageband for ex.), in Preferences route the audio input to Soundflower
  5. In your Skype software, route the audio input AND output to Soundflower
  6. Now create a track in your podcast that takes the input from Soundflower as it’s source to record
  7. If you are on the phone conference  you will come into that channel as well, but you will want YOUR voice to come through your mic on a different channel as you interview the guest
  8. Hit “record” in your podcast software and it should start recording the conference call and your mic, having your conference call on one channel and your voice on another (from  your mic)

That’s it! It should give you a pretty good sounding conversation. Way better than a phone call only at least.

SIDE NOTE: Some people have trouble installing SoundFlower. If you’ve tried and can’t get it to work, there’s an alternative. There is a free “Remote Control” software called “LogMeIn” at When you install that software to remote control your Mac or PC, it also installs a sound driver that can work the way SoundFlower works. Just follow the steps above, but using that software driver instead.