One thing that helped me when creating my home music studio was to look at a BUNCH of others to get ideas that I liked. The internet is a great place to do this, so do a Google or Bing image search on “music studios” and see what you can find.

Here are a handful of them to get you thinking.

Professional studio, but had to put the picture in. Good setup to move toward in a home studio.

Looks like an ad for Pro Tools, but it’s a great setup.

Another Pro studio, but I love the woodwork inside.

Little outdated, but I LOVE the desk, and the Mackie logo on the floor. Nice touch. Also highly recommend building rack space into your desk.

Interesting little corner home studio setup.

Another Pro Studio, but notice the strategic ceiling angles.

Packed a little tightly, but it’s got the ingredients.

You can fit a lot into a little room. A lot is packed into that little desk.

Another example of building rack space into your workstation.

As simple as this setup is, you can still do a TON with it.

Use of rugs & curtains to help with sound. Nice racks too!

A bedroom CONSUMED by a Studio. Is that the bed on the floor???

This desk has the rack space laying down, which is even better (although it eats up workspace).

Here’s an example of “no frills”, just pure recording space.

Put this in for nostalgia. That’s an old Apple IIe I believe. What recording looked like in the 80’s.