Wanna decorate your studio to look very “cool”, but do it inexpensively. Well let me help you out!

First – ask yourself, what do I want my “theme” to be in my studio? Then look around for whatever you have that matches your theme.

I imagine that most of you will want a theme that relates to music (maybe not, since mine was an “Egyptian” theme). If so, you probably have a lot of stuff that’s musical in nature that would work well.

Here are some examples of how you can take some things you already have and decorate with them. OR, if you don’t have any, you can find some cheap on EBAY.

Video of My Studio with Ideas

First – LP’s

Take those old LP’s that have been sitting in the closet for 20 years and put them to use. You can buy simple LP frames for around $4.00 each on sale (Michael’s or other crafty-type stores). If you don’t have any LP’s you can find them on EBAY for $6 to $10 each. So basically you would have less than $15 each in each framed album. Find some cool places to put them and GO NUTS.



Second – Pictures

Remember the days when you had to go to the store and BUY cool pictures to hang on the wall? Well those days are LOOONG gone! Have a color printer? Pick your favorite band or star, do a google or bing image search, and PRINT AWAY! Take the pictures to your local craft store and find some cool cheap frames to put them in. And if you feel like cheating, you can even print the “autographed” pictures from the web and frame them. Looks like you have autographed pictures of all your favorite bands! 🙂

Third – Montage

If you REALLY Want to get Creative – Get and album, picture, your old concert tickets, some guitar picks, etc. and put together a collage of stuff and frame it. Don’t have any old concert tickets? Well you can print those from the internet too (image search). VERY Cool!

Fourth- Instruments!

Well, what could be better for decor than instruments themselves? And if you think about it, if you want to fill your wall with decor, framed pictures, etc. you might spend close to the same amount buying a cheap “display only” (meaning cheap) instrument to stick on the wall. What better decor than that for a studio?

As an example, get some diagonal (or vertical or horizontal) guitar holders and stick your guitar on the wall. You could even put your expensive guitars up here since it is very easy to take them down and play them.